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A new low for pvp

Today I've had my worst encounter so far, which took me down, psychologically, not after making me laugh at my own incompetence.

Short story - I sat cloaked and watched my bait die.

Details :

I've probed Dodai and found a K162 which led to another C2. From it the chain went to a Hisec static C1. In there, there was a Svipul at the hisec exit.

I got my Loki in, stealthily, and parked it 50km off the hole then went in to get my bait Gnosis. Warped the Gnosis in at 20km and sure as hell the Svipul pointed me and started pounding with some arty. I aligned it away, burned and he decided to stay on hole.

I bounced at 0 and jumped out to see if there's reinforcements on the other side - they weren't on the hole but there were 20 people in local of which 3 were from the svipul's corp.

I dicked around a bit then decided to jump back in and start doing Bob's work on the svipul and maybe I'll catch some more. I did just that, got pointed and started burning a bit farther from the hole while neuting the svipul. Hole splashed - Confessor, 2x Astero jumped in and a Manticore decloaked 50km off.

Now, mind you, I was in my 100mn armor Loki there. All sorts of things started running through my head - one of the aggressors wasn't from the same corp as the svipul and I saw more of that other corp in local. They all had small weapons and light drones which ment my 100MN tank wasn't going to mean much. Also I counted 4 webs on the Gnosis which would be enough to slow my loki to a crawl. Oh well.

I chickened out and stayed cloaked, fuming, got my pod out after it got popped and angrily got everyone in Dodai, docked and logged off.

How does it happen that everytime I get out in something, the only thing I encounter is the damn hard counter ...

Anyways, the silver lining is that, from this point on, any PVP adventure can't be anything else but good, as the bar is now set extremely low :)