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So, a reasonable Saturday evening in eve - popped a few explorers in Dodai, baited a bit with the miners, nothing came up.

While dicking around on an exploration site, Obran logs in, starts scanning the chain and, after a few minutes, tells me that in a c2 off the static c1 there's 3 people in a Fortizar and a ... Providence on dscan.

Allright now I'm fully aroused - a freighter in a c2 would be a nice kill to have.

I'm getting Lepus in, in his astero, and scan the whole thing down while Obran keeps the loki cloaked - we wouldn't want to spook the locals. Everything gets scanned down, the locals are still in the Fort. I notice a guy getting in in an astero, quickly check his stats - he's an explorer ganker. A quick setup, he baits, I take the bait in the astero, Obran quickly decloaks and pops him.

I decide that waiting for the provi to move about again, I should take out THE Sleipnir, my pride and joy, and have it wait in the static c1 (magnetar) while I scan about the statics of this hole.

Long story short, I scan everything, I try and catch some people at a gas site, etc. - when I park Lepus at the c2 Fortizar again, I hear the sound of getting targeted.

I swtich back to Horza and sure as hell the situation is tight. I got a Sabre on me and a bunch of Enyos and Thalias coming in. Well, shit.

Popped the sabre, injected all the drugs I had, targeted some enyos there (there were 5 enyos and 1 wolf + 2 Thalia + Sabre in total) and started shooting them.
Now, In retrospect, there were some mistakes made there.

  1. I panicked at my tank not holding and forgot to switch from Hail to RF Titanium Sbot (of which I had). The magnetar tracking malus and their 500m orbit didnt help.
  2. Forgot to take out my drones. No excuse there
  3. Forgot to manually reload the XLASB from the container in my cargo for some precious seconds.
  4. Wasnt on comms
  5. Left the sleipnir unsupervised for too long
  6. Also called in Obran to help (which wasn't necessary as I was clearly dying)

In conclusion - a 950m Sleipnir loss + 450m pod (mid-grade crystals) with Obran losing his loki as well for another 650m. Pretty damn bad, and to a band of 10 frigates.


I got back to thinking that our initial tactic of just causing losses to people and winning the isk war, was a better option than flying some expensive shit that people will just counter, duno. I'm pretty salty right now, at my own stupidity. Props to the Drunkendis Order guys for the kill, I hope at least your evening was made.