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Missed connection

So the day started reasonably well. I had checked the C1 static during the lunch break and so, come evening, I just warped the Astero in there to check up on things.

Two new sigs popped since, both of which lead to dangerous space. As I was dicking around while holding cloak on the hole I see a mastodon appear on dscan as well as an ares. I wait for the mastodon to disappear then I proceed to scan down the hisec exit.

What I'm thinking is that the dangerous space residents are using the hisec for logistics. I fire up the loki and the gnosis as well, fit the gnosis and the astero with double scram (DST's are pretty slippery) and get them in the hole as well.

The loki has a small bubble inside so, I'm thinking, if I can find out the chain from which they came - I can setup a drag bubble coming from the hisec and maybe I can snag myself a mastodon.

I plan on scaring him off with the loki, make him warp, then catch him at the edge of the bubble with 3 webs and 4 scrams and ... yknow, do Bob's work on it.

Setup is perfect, I sneak my astero into hisec - the ares pilot is there, probably waiting somewherefor the hauler to return. Oh well.

Seeing as the guy seems prepared I see no point in continuing the stakeout - for all I know there could be more cloaky eyes around, a support fleet inbound, I hadn't found his home yet (had to infer based on what I scanned in the c4s) so there would've been too many variables for this setup to work properly.

Took down the whole setup and went back to Dodai. Bought myself another geddon for polixena and t2 gas huffers for lepus (he can use those now) then docked everyone up and went to sleep. Well, at least it was good practice :)