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Neocoms and Fullerite

Another quiet shift in Dodai. I spent some time harvesting the latest batch of neocoms from the factory on temperate planet XII, and reset the T1 level production on the other planets in the system, noting that I was currently producing more T1 than the neocom factory could keep up with, some adjustments will have to made somewhere, one to ponder on later.

Nothing doing on dscan the whole time, hard to stay alert with the impression of being alone in the void. It is one thing that living in J-space has taught me though - it is always the most quiet just before being surprise attacked.

Finishing up the planetary work, I turned attention to the signatures in the system. One in particular stood out, the three letters of the sig looked familiar. Undocking the battlecruiser I warped to a recent bookmark with the same 3-letter identification. Yes, it was the same anomaly, an Original Perimeter Reservoir. I'd harvested some gas from it a couple of days or so ago, but not all. It had obviously refreshed and reset itself after server downtime, lovely.

I swiftly despatched the 5 hostile towers with my hammerhead II drones and some close up blaster work, and returned to the citadel for my trusty Venture, time to huff some gas. Concentrating on the more valuable of the two clouds, I steadily huffed away on the Fullerite-72 periodically checking d-scan. I have left the other cloud to see if the anom refreshes once again after todays downtime. Fingers crossed.

Edit update : Alas, the gas site was gone after downtime, but a couple of relic sites, ( thanks to Horza ), paid bounty. All in all around 120m ISK worth of gas and relics gathered from the short evenings work. Alphas thinking of wormhole life, take note.