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The Illusive Visitor

I undocked in the Astero, a quick initial Dscan showed a set of core probes out in Dodai. A glance at the corp channels, no one else on, must be a visitor to the hole.
Checking bookmarks I see that my corp mates have scanned the signatures on their shift. Another flick of the Dscan button shows my visitor is in an Astero too. Oh this could be interesting I thought to myself as I warped off to the only relic site in the system engaging cloak as I went.

I sat about 30km off of the warp-in point cloaked, and waited. By now the visitor had cloaked up or was outside of Dscan range, but I could still see his probes. I waited, and waited, surely he would make the relic site priority over the two data sites, and would be here soon, yet still I waited.


As I drifted slowly while cloaked, a thought occurred to me, maybe he was also already here, cloaked and laying in wait for me. I uncloaked. Nothing. Re-cloaking I warped to one of the data sites, nothing, I spent the next five mins just bouncing around the sites cloaked in the hope I might see my illusive friend starting to hack one of them, but again nothing. All the while I could see his probes. Maybe he had fallen asleep and his probes were just floating around waiting for him to wake ?

Ok, enough of this messing about, I may as well get on with hacking these sites, and if he shows himself we'll have ourselves a scrap I thought to myself. I hacked 3 sites, switching part way through to a battlecruiser to kill some sleepers in a Perimeter site, before hacking the cans there.

My visitors probes were still out, but no sign of his ship on Dscan, as I docked up and finished my shift. Maybe next time I'll get a less shy visitor, willing to have a scrap.